BaaSid has been working on
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We have been making the most realistic efforts to commercialize the blockchain.
Global Partners

BaaSid expands its business through strong and robust partnerships.

Partnership &
Solution provided / Joint research

BaaSid has signed an MOU with NTT DATA, a Japanese NTT subsidiary, for cooperation and research on data security based on blockchain. NTT DATA is a subsidiary of NTT, a Japanese telecommunications company. NTT DATA is a company that strives to distribute various IT infrastructures and solutions, and to develop and secure new technologies. BaaSid has signed an MOU to supply NTT DATA, decentralized storage (DeStorage), DID, and authentication solutions. DeStorage, a decentralized storage, is a more secure and powerful decentralized security storage for data source leakage and storage by dividing all data sources into pieces and storing only the pieces in different physically separated and distributed storage. In addition, users can collect data fragments scattered on DeStorage through BaaSid authentication, decrypt data, and temporarily restore MPD (Multi Protect Data). ) Algorithm.

Contract target: BaaSid X NTT DATA NTT DATA was separated from NTT, Japan's largest telecommunications company in 1988, and its main business is IT service, SI, software development, etc., and has various customers all over the world.

Partnership &
Solution provided / Joint research

CryptoLab, a Japanese decentralized solution company, signed a contract to build and maintain electronic document services for various applications of a blockchain-based electronic contract platform in cooperation with BOT Lease under Mitsubishi UFJ Group (MUFJ). did.
Japan's BOT Lease ( is a financial leasing company in which Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, the world's fifth largest bank, and Toyota Trade Co., Ltd. participated as shareholders, and various real estate leases in Japan.
BOT Laese is in charge of financing projects such as installment loans, ships, construction and machinery, environment and energy, and operates an electronic document and electronic contract platform.
BOT Lease has started a pilot business of seal and electronic contracts with Cryptopie, a partner of CryptoLab, and through this contract, CryptoLab has developed an application application service of a blockchain-based electronic contract platform and a related document platform. Includes maintenance contracts for AgreeLedger and Xross-Ledger.

Partnership &
  • Blockchain-based service platform service planning, development, and system maintenance contract with SANKO
  • Ethereum payment-based fortune-telling service dApp Gentleman (dApps 神社) development and service (operation)

SANKYO is one of the largest pachinko companies in Japan and is a company that grows through the development of various products, H / W, S / W. In addition, through this cooperation, we plan to expand to various services based on blockchain.
Based on BaaSid technology and applied block chain, Japanese CryptoLab is the leading blockchain company in Japan with its main business such as “BaaS Solution Finance”, “HyperLedger-based application block chain service development”, and “LINE Blockchain development cooperation and business building business”. Is growing.
BaaSid will do its best to execute the commercialization of the blockchain with the aim of preoccupying the conservative Japanese market through technical and business cooperation with various Japanese partners through CryptoLab.

Partnership &
Solution provided

Hitachi Sunway Collaborates with BaaSid to provide the First Decentralized Blockchain Files Storage Platform in ASEAN.
Signed tripartite MOU to provide eXcelKEY and eXcelDRIVE branded blockchain services.
Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn Bhd (“Hitachi Sunway”) a leading one-stop ICT and digital services and solutions provider in ASEAN, is pleased to share that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with BaaS Holdings Pte. Ltd. (“BaaSid”) and BaaS Asia Sdn Bhd (“BaaS Asia”) to provide enterprise-level blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform service in ASEAN.  This strategic collaboration will empower businesses and protect data privacy through enterprise class blockchain technology.
Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies in decades.  It is a game-changer for many industries as blockchain enable trust, provide transparency and reduce friction across business eco-systems.

Partnership &

CryptoLab X LINE Tech plus “LINE Blockchain” joint development and cooperation MOU.
CryptoLab ( in charge of BaaSid's Japanese blockchain business and LINE Tech Plus in charge of LINE Blockchain development have signed an MOU for business cooperation in planning, sales, and development of the “LINE Blockchain” service.

  • LINE Blockchain (LINK) technology and cryptocurrency (LINK) platform service planning, sales, and development cooperation.
  • A front-line “building support program” operation support service for services using LINE Blockchain.

LINE Tech plus is a blockchain company that developed LINE's first cryptocurrency, ‘LINK’, and was established for the activation of ‘LINE Blockchain’ and global services.
Based on BaaSid technology and applied blockchain, Japan's CryptoLab is growing into the best blockchain company in Japan with its flagship projects such as "HyperLedger-based application blockchain service development" and "LINE Blockchain development cooperation and business establishment business".

Partnership &
Market Place

BaaSid's decentralized data storage brand, has been registered in Oracle's internal Cloud Marketplace (EMEA & APAC Partner Cloud Accelerator Marketplace). In addition, the following procedure is in progress to register for External Market Place.
Oracle External Market Place is a market where solutions can be distributed to various Oracle customers (Enterprise & SME customers).  BaaSid will endeavor to register for Oracle External Market Place.

Partnership &
Market Place

On May 14, 2020, Microsoft introduces two partners and proposes a new security solution to Azure cloud customers.
BaaSId has partnered with Microsoft and Taiwanese IT company 'ZERONE' (code: 3029) to provide'V2' and ‘De-storage'(Decentralized Storage), which can more secure and replace authentication and data based on Microsoft's Azure cloud.

BaaSid's'V2' provides a stronger and more secure security authentication service than a variety of existing OTP and biometric authentication based on segmentation engine and blockchain technology.
In addition, the ‘De-storage' Steria solution achieves complete decentralization by separating and distributing all kinds of cloud-based data.
Zerone is a publicly traded company in Taiwan and is the largest publisher of MS Azure.
BaaSid has secured a product sales network for customers of MS Azure in Taiwan through zerone.

Partnership &
Market Place

On November 29&30, 2019, the FINTECH TAIPEI held at the Taiwan 101 Trade Center presented a significant place to showcase the new system prepared jointly by BaaSid and NEC Taiwan.
The system, prepared in collaboration, is a newly designed blockchain-based distributed data storage system for sensitive and important data, which will be used for large-capacity distributed system for enterprise. The infrastructure build-up for the testing environment has already been completed.
Through this, we expect to take a big step in expanding to various practical business fields.
Through this R&D cooperation, it was decided to strengthen the security of facial data storage.
NEC is a potential customer and research partner of BaaSid.
NEC was established in 1899 with Japan's Western Electric, the first company in Japan to be known as a symbol of Japanese technology such as semiconductors and supercomputers.

Research Cooperation

Digicentre is an infrastructure company with various customers in Taiwan. We have signed a partnership with BaaSid for various infrastructure cooperation and sales cooperation.
Gamania is a Taiwanese publisher of Lineage 2, a major game company with around 20 million users.
In addition, Digicentre is a subsidiary of Gamania, a solutions and infrastructure provider. BaaSid plans to expand its certification business in Taiwan by developing an authentication solution (tentative name: DigiKey) used by Gamania through Digicentre.

Partnership &
Market Place

BaaSid enters the Southeast Asian market by collaborating with Singtel (Singapore Telecom), Singapore's largest telecom operator, BaaSid's authentication platform, V2, and separate and distributed storage, BaaS Drive, and Soteria.

Singtel is Singapore's largest telecommunications operator with ISPs, IPTVs, mobile operators, and IDCs, and is the largest telecommunications operator in Southeast Asia with 640 million subscribers.

Through this cooperative project, we expect to expand various authentication businesses and separate distributed storage businesses through the dissemination of various solutions and APIs of BaaSid.

Partnership &
Market Place

BaaSid and GrandTech focus on AWS hosting services and provide customized solutions and Decentralized storage and authentication solutions for Customer. The services included Professional consulting、Cloud security、SaaS, BaaS solutions and more. We will help you manage all cloud services. So that you can have the best cloud technology and end-to-end platform to complete digital transformation and highly growth over different regions. Therefore your business model can be more agile, scalable, and cost effective.

BaaSid's blockchain-based authentication and storage service will provide pilot services to various customers.

System Supply

The BaaSid Team is a DID, medical blockchain, distributed identification application through the Alliance led by ASUS ( from Taiwanese government agency TWCC (Taiwan Computing Cloud: on July 1, 2020. Won a bid for a national blockchain project.
This project is based on the authentication, 2FA(secondary authentication), and data security in a non-face-to-face society in line with the rapid change and development speed of the digital industry in line with the coronation era of Corona 19. It is conducted mainly on technology development.
BaaSid participates in DID development and application application services in TWCC's government business bidding. In particular, DID is the most essential core security technology in non-face-to-face and online finance, shopping, and payment in Korea as well as around the world. Field. In particular, ASUS, the new business partner that led the bidding and ordering, is the world's No. 1 mainboard producer, and is a multinational company that leads the global computer market, such as computers and laptops, and is in the process of collaborating with BaaSid on various applications.


BaaSid is the official sponsor of “RUNNING MAN”. Large variety shows are held in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc

Potential Customers

Suzuyo Shinwart is a separate company for the ICT field and IDC business of Suzuyo, a Japanese conglomerate. Suzuyo Shinwart provides changing ICT technology in Suzuyo's various industries.
In particular, various ICT technologies and infrastructures are required in warehouses, trade, ports, and transmission businesses.

BaaSid will provide solutions such as non-face-to-face authentication, attendance management, and data security storage to meet these diverse needs.

Partnership &

Beijing Zipuxin Technology is a subsidiary of Tencent, a major Chinese IT company, representing smart security cloud.
Zhipxin Technology has clients and partners from various financial institutions, banks and insurance companies in China. Through this, a cooperation and distributer contract for BaaSid’s solution sales in China.

Partnership &
Solution provided / Joint research

GT-Group is a listed company on the Taiwan Stock Market, a leader in digital marketing and content management platforms, Google web analytics, search engine and social network integration.
In cooperation with BaaSid, we build a combined product of authentication solutions on various management platforms.
In particular, we maintain complete security of our data by using decentralized storage that safely stores our customers' sensitive information.
Decentralized storage can be a perfect alternative to storage vulnerabilities in the cloud market. BaaSid's collaboration on this storage security helps GT-Group innovate the cloud.

Partners & Cooperation

BaaSid creates the future of blockchain with partners and cooperation.