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BaaSid Organization & Shareholder Structure

BaaS Holdings Japan / BaaSid Taiwan(26 people), CryptoLab Japan(8 people),
PRO Japan(7 out of 153 developers developed BaaSid), BaaSLab(2 people), BaaSid International (1 people), and Agendabook (5 people),
currently has a total of 49 people(38 full-time, 11 part-time) working,
and 11 experts in each field are supporting BaaSid as technical, finance, accounting, legal advisors.

  • Vision Tech
    • IT / Fintech & Global sales
    • Number of employee : 25
  • BaaS Holdings
    • Holding Company(Japan)
    • Board Members
  • BaaSid Taiwan Team
    • Architecture & Development
    • R&D / Local Sales
    • Number of employee : 26 (F20 / P6)
  • Agendabook
    • Architecture & Product Design
    • R&D / Local Sales
    • Number of employee : 8 (F5 / P3)
  • PRO Japan
    • IT / S.I / Development
    • Number of employee : 153(7)
  • CryptoLab
    • Application / Product Design
    • R&D / Local Sales
    • Number of employee : 8 (F5 / P3)
BaaSid Key members & Advisor
BaaSid Key members
  • James Huang

    Director of BaaS Holdings
    CEO of BaaSid Lab Taiwan / CEO of Leadhope Inc.
    CEO of Taiwan Index Inc. (TWSE)
    AT&T(USA) Technical Assistant center manager,
    AT&T(ChengDu) Technical manager
    Taiwan Mobile Company senior Director of project department
    ChongHong Cable TV company VP / chief engineer

  • Otaka Jun

    Director of BaaS Holdings
    CEO of BaaSid Lab Japan / Chairman of PRO Group
    In charge of Network design at NTT
    HITACHI Nuclear Power, MITSUBISHI Nuclear Power,
    TOSHIBA Nuclear Power Plant Design
    Development of 3D-CAD System for Tokyo Gas application drawing

  • Moon Inshic

    Director of BaaS Holdings
    Director of PRO Japan / Director of CryptoLab
    Chairman of KBIPA international cooperation committee
    Director of SDX foundation
    CEO of Korea Network Technology
    Director of BUGS(Gloworks)

  • Atsushi Inoue (USA)

    CTO of BaaSid / Solution Architect at Amazon (AWS) - Current
    PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Cincinnati (USA)
    Professor of Information Technologies and Business Analytics,
    Eastern Washington University (USA)
    Professor of Information Assurance, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
    Senior Research Scientist, Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering (Japan) / Research Scientist, HITACHI Ltd. (Japan)

  • Takeshi Niiyama

    May. 2013 to Sep 2014 Japan Network Security Association
    May. 2013 to Sep 2014 Japan Smartphone Security Forum
    May. 2012 to Sep . 2014 McAfee
    May. 2011 to May. 2012 SFDC
    Apr. 1999 to May. 2011 NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation)

BaaSid Advisor
  • K.S. Lu (Taiwan)

    Chairman of Leadtek Research Inc.(TWSE) - Current
    Awarded National outstanding SMEs
    The president of Chinese Taipei Football Association
    The executive committee of East Asian Football Federation
    The marketing committee of Asian Football Confederation

  • Kumakiri Yasutomo (JAPAN)

    Vice President(COO) of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(Impress Group) - Current
    CEO of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(Nippon Group)
    Director of Electronic publication
    Director of Web planning & production
    Manager of Advertising dep(international telecommunications company)

  • Hajin Jhun (KOREA)

    Chairman of the KBA self-regulatory committee
    (Korea Blockchain Association)
    Chairman of SDX foundation
    19th Member of the National Assembly (KOREA)
    Former Chairperson of Digital Party of Sunnuri Party
    Former CEO of HANCOM(KOSDAQ)

  • Ronald H. Chen (Taiwan)

    MBA, JD Director of T-Star Telecomm Corp. - Current
    Supervisor of the Board, CSun Manufacturing LTD.
    Independent Director of Advancision Corp., Cayman